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The word “beer” includes a ton of meanings: friends, traditions, emotions and a rich palette of bright tastes.
There are lots of different recipes. We have brewed more than a hundred of samples and selected the best recipes containing only natural ingredients.
Presently, you are welcome to taste our ales, stouts, porters and lagers. And we certainly will please you with blanches, seasonal sorts and new original tastes.

It’s just the beginning!

Briman Lite

Briman Premium Lager

Nonalcoholic Beer



Kupets "For ours!"

Kupets "For ours!"

Styles of beer

Beer and food
Briman Premium Lager

Our products

Briman Premium Lager

European premium lager filtered non-pasteurized

Briman Lite

Our products

Briman Lite

Low-calorie beer – just 43 kcal.

Kupets non-alcoholic

Our products

Kupets non-alcoholic

Light bright lager with a clean aroma of malt.

Kupets Svetloye

Our products

Kupets Svetloye

Light lager with a clean malt flavour.

Kupets Klassicheskoye

Our products

Kupets Klassicheskoye

Pale lager with a complex bouquet of malt and spicy flower hop Saaz, with a rich malt taste and soft bitterness.

Kupets Yantarnoye

Our products

Kupets Yantarnoye

A golden-amber beer that has absorbed a frosty freshness of winter and a heady taste of summer

Kupets Pshenichnoye

Our products

Kupets Pshenichnoye

Light-straw wheat ale with carnation flavour, notes of fruits, banana and vanilla

Dunkles Weissbier

Our products

Dunkles Weissbier

Dark brown wheat unfiltered ale with a thick creamy foam, brewed according to traditional Bavarian recipe with top-cropping yeast.

Kupets IRISH Ale

Our products

Kupets IRISH Ale

High-density dark ale, combining strength, mild malt flavor with slightly palpable nut-cream tones and soft hop bitterness.

Kupets Krepky

Our products

Kupets Krepky

High-density high-alcohol filtered lager

OK2BERFEST  Munich Style Lager

Our products

OK2BERFEST Munich Style Lager

Traditional seasonal beer, which we brew each year in the period of the Munich Oktoberfest in September and October, observing the canons of the law on beer purity "Reinheitsgebot".

SIBIR Signature

Our products

SIBIR Signature

Light bright lager with a clean aroma of malt.

SIBIR Barstool

Our products

SIBIR Barstool

A light pale lager with a clean malty aroma.


Where you can buy our beer?

Main thing is to know
where to go

You want to spend some nice time with friends, but you don't know where to buy a right lager and craft beer? Then you should visit us!


Бар «Kupets&Ko»

86 Mira Street

Ul. Yaryginsky embankment, 23

Ul. Yaryginsky embankment, 25


Speciality chain

Druzby Narodov Street, 48

Telmana Street, 112

Torgovaya Street, 12

Yarygina Street, 58

Pushkina Street, 3
Zhukova Street, 86

“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Telmana Street, 83


“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Mikrorayon 3, 1

Mikrorayon 4, 14

Mikrorayon 2, 25

Café “Uyut”

Dzerzhinskogo Street, 65

Café “Kunzhut”

Kravchenko Street Trade Mall “Festival”

Café “Citi”

Lapenkova Street, 30A Trade Mall “Koshkin Dom”

Bar “Pinta y Kvinta”

South-Eastern district Trade Mall “Papa Svetofor”


“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Park street, 62G

Naberezhnaya Street, 52A

Lenina Street, 19

Lenina Street, 37

Mira Street, 36

Mira Street, 11

Bar “Hans”

Dictatury Proletariata Street, 11

Store “Uspeh” in community Irbey

Lenina Street, 123B

Store “Nika” in community Zaozerny

Sovetskaya Street, 53


Speciality chain

Oktyabrskaya Street, 14

Kurchatova Street, 36A
Soviet Army Street, 25

Store “Dilizhans”

Sverdlova Str., 37 &
Shkolnaya Str., 23


Bar&Shop «HOPS»

Baikalskaya Str., 289/3


“KRUGER” speciality chain

Oktyabrsky avenue, 56

Trade Mall “Sputnik”

Tereshkovoi Str., 22A


“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Krasnoyarsky Rabochy avenue, 99

Michurina Street, 6A

Sudostroitelnaya Street, 25A

Sverdlovskaya Street, 139

Sverdlovskaya Street, 33
Yarygin riverbank, 33

Molokova Street, 1A

“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Martynova Street, 47

Vzlyetnaya Street, 24A

Norilskaya Street, 38
Lomonosova Street, 24

Lado Ketskhoveli Street, 91

Street Of Academician Vavilov, 52

speciality chain

Zheleznodorozhnikov Street, 14

Street Of The Constitution, 17а

Patizan Zheleznyak avenue, 11Ж

Poltavskaya Street, 38/22

Vysotnaya Street, 2A

KVADROFILM cinemapark

Televizornaya Street, house 1, build. 90

“BRISTOL” convenient stores

Vysotnaya Street, 2

Chernyshevskogo Street, 79

urban-type community Beyrezovka, Centralnaya Street, 52

urban type community Emelyanovo, Dekabristov Street, 75

Club beer restaurant

Vzlyetnaya Street, 50A

Grill-bar “Meet Meat”

Karl Marks Street, 96

Hotel “SKY Center”

Markovskogo Street, 45/1

Bar “Zhiletka v Kletku”

Svobodny avenue, 53, room 40

Café “Lvinoye Serdtse”

9 May Street, 35А

Burger-bar “JUMBO”

Mira avenue, 81

Bar “Beer & Burger”

Karamzina Street, 18

The Hotel “AMAKS”

Alexander Matrosov street, 2

Café “Cheat Meal”

Yarygin riverbank, 27

Chinese restaurant “Sin Yaun”

Krasnoyarsky Rabochi avenue, 9


Mira Street, 7A

Metallurgov Street, 53G

Vysotnaya Street, house 2, build. 1

Mate Zalki Street, 10G

Krasnoy Gvardii Street, 24
Vzlyetnaya Street, 6A

Bar “Beer & Meet’s”

78 Dobrovolcheskoy brygady Street, 21

Bar “Mummy Troll”

Mayerchaka Street, 16

Restaurant “KOKO Shinel”

Oktyabrskaya Str., 7A

Restaurant “Severnoye Siyaniye”

60 years of USSR Street, 12G


Avenue the Krasnoyarsk worker, 160е

Burton Bar

Televisornaya Street, 1 build. 26

Cafe-bar “Adjika”

street Perensona, 1

Store “Staraya Prague”,

Karamzina Street, 8


Chernyshevskogo Street, 71

Store “Beer Time”

Karamzina Street, 18

Store “Khleb Solod”

Krasnoyarsky Rabochi av., 63B

Store “Pivo Ryba”

Kosmonavtov Street, 17

Boutique “Solod y Khmel”

Svobodny avenue, 10


Vilskogo Street, 14Ж

Store “Kapitan”

Michurina Street, 3

Store “Antoshka”

Lvovskaya Street, 52

Store “Sibirski bochonok”

Krasnoyarski rabochi avenue, 111A

Store “Solodof”

Sudostroitelnaya Street, 157

Store “Beryoza”

Zavodskaya Street, 57

Store “Razlivniye napitki”

Sverdlovskaya Str., 137


60 years of USSR Street, 20G
60 years of USSR Street, 43/4
40 years of Pobeda Street, 9

Store “Producty”

Komsomolsky avenue, 9

Store “Zelenogorskiye produckty”

Komsomolsky avenue, 1A

Store “Produkty”

Metallurgov avenue, 2D

Store “Taverna”

Yastynskaya Street, 2D


Yastynskaya Street, 2

Store “Angara”

Stepana Razina Street, 36


Vodopyanova Street, 17

Store “Pivbar”

Mikutskogo Street, 2A

Store “Svetli”

Petra Podzolkova Street, 3A


Petra Podzolkova Street, 5B

Store “U doma”

Norilskaya Street, 6A

Store “Khmel y Solod”

Norilskaya Street, 1A

Store “Produkty”

Norilskaya Street 1

Store “Biermann”

Kirenskogo Street, 25B

Chernyshova Street, 4

Store “Zapravka”

Kirenskogo Street, 32

Store “Maks”

Kirenskogo Street, 32

Store “Produkty”

Slovtsova Street, 3A

Store “Effect”

Kalinina Street, 67

Store “Lyubimy dvorik”

Bebelya Street, 53

Store “Produkty”

Sovetskaya Street, 35

Store “BeerKraft”

78 Dobrovolcheskoi Brigady Str., 3

Store “Vsyo dlya doma”

Sedova Street, 80

Store “Ohota”

Kuibysheva Street, 79

Store “Produkty”

Totmina Street, 4G

Store “Matryoshka”

Chkalova Street, 41G

Store “Produkty”

Bugachyovo village, Centralnaya Street, 82A

Store “Pivo”

Aryiskoye village, Nagornaya Street, 2A

Store “Ellis”

Minino village, Vnukovyh Street, 10

Store “Minimarket”

Drokino community, Moskovskaya Street, 370

Store “Pivo y Ryba”

Elita community, Lesnaya Str., 1

Store “Produkty”

Snezhnitsa station, Centralnaya Str., 33

Beer store “Shmel y Sobol”

Svobodny avenue, 74

Draught beer store “Pinta”

Vesny Street, 7
Lado Ketshoveli Street, 65A
Svobodny avenue, 60
Respubliki Street, 43

Store “Solod y Hmel”

Krasnoyarsky rabochi avenue, 175A

Retail chain “Gorod”

60 years of UUSR Street, 8
Botanicheski boulevard, 9/1
Lineynaya Street, 99
Parizhskoy Communy Street, 9

Store “AlMak BEER”

Urvantseva Street, 19

“Pazlyvnoye pivo”

Klyuchevskaya Street, 95

Hookah “Anubis”

Televisornaya street, 1 page 26

Barbershop “MANILLA”

Lenin street, 11

Cafe-bar “La Manshe”

Yaryginsky embankment, 23

Restopub “GIBRALTAR”

Shumyatsky street, 10

Cafe-bar “Bylina”

Street ship-building, 52a

Bar “Factory”

prospect Mira, 96A


street Of labor Protection, 12

Trading network “City”

the village of Berezovka, Kirov street 38/1

Beer shop “Sad Senegalese”

Chernyshevsky street, 75

Bar “Black Street lounge”

prospect of Peace, 96

Bar shop “Our people”

Vodopyanova street, 6

Billiard club “Billia”

street of trade Unions, 3


Boutique “Kruger”

Ermakova avenue, 7


Store “Fishka”

Arkhitektorov Street, 4

Store “Khmelnoi”

Nikitina Street, 31
Kartashova Street, 35A


Beer shop “Dayte dva”

Novobulvarnaya Street, 36