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The word “beer” includes a ton of meanings: friends, traditions, emotions and a rich palette of bright tastes.
There are lots of different recipes. We have brewed more than a hundred of samples and selected the best recipes containing only natural ingredients.
Presently, you are welcome to taste our ales, stouts, porters and lagers. And we certainly will please you with blanches, seasonal sorts and new original tastes.

It’s just the beginning!

Beer and food

Styles of beer
Kriek Cherry


Kriek Cherry

From the coasts of sunny Spain, especially for this sort of beer we have brought French oak barrels used for aging of the red dry wine.

Ministrell Golden Ale Ashberry


Ministrell Golden Ale Ashberry

Ministrell Golden Ale matured in French oak barrels with addition of Siberian ashberry continues series of oak releases from Craft-U-Brewery.

Kupets Irish Ale


Kupets Irish Ale

High-gravity dark ale aged in cognac oak barrels.

Kupets Krepkoye


Kupets Krepkoye

High-gravity beer aged for a half a year in oak barrels.

Jimmy Jimmy Ipa


Jimmy Jimmy Ipa

Classic IPA matured for a half a year in cognac oak barrels keeps its distinctive hop bitter.

Black Brows Stout


Black Brows Stout

Before our professional holiday – Brewer’s Day we had released a nice barrel edition.


Where you can buy our beer?

Main thing is to know
where to go

You want to spend some nice time with friends, but you don't know where to buy a right lager and craft beer? Then you should visit us!


Бар «Kupets&Ko»

86 Mira Street

Ul. Yaryginsky embankment, 23

Ul. Yaryginsky embankment, 25


Speciality chain

Druzby Narodov Street, 48

Telmana Street, 112

Torgovaya Street, 12

Yarygina Street, 58

Pushkina Street, 3
Zhukova Street, 86

“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Telmana Street, 83


“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Mikrorayon 3, 1

Mikrorayon 4, 14

Mikrorayon 2, 25

Café “Uyut”

Dzerzhinskogo Street, 65

Café “Kunzhut”

Kravchenko Street Trade Mall “Festival”

Café “Citi”

Lapenkova Street, 30A Trade Mall “Koshkin Dom”

Bar “Pinta y Kvinta”

South-Eastern district Trade Mall “Papa Svetofor”


“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Builders street, 6

Naberezhnaya Street, 52A

Lenina Street, 37

Mira Street, 36

Bar “Hans”

Dictatury Proletariata Street, 11

Store “Uspeh” in community Irbey

Lenina Street, 123B

Store “Nika” in community Zaozerny

Sovetskaya Street, 53


Speciality chain

Oktyabrskaya Street, 14

Kurchatova Street, 36A
Soviet Army Street, 25

Store “Dilizhans”

Sverdlova Str., 37 &
Shkolnaya Str., 23


Bar&Shop «HOPS»

Baikalskaya Str., 289/3


“KRUGER” speciality chain

Oktyabrsky avenue, 56

Trade Mall “Sputnik”

Tereshkovoi Str., 22A


“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Krasnoyarsky Rabochy avenue, 99

Michurina Street, 6A

Sudostroitelnaya Street, 25A

Sverdlovskaya Street, 139

Sverdlovskaya Street, 33
Yarygin riverbank, 33

Molokova Street, 1A

Nikitina Street, 18

48 Pavlova Street

2a Aerovokzalnaya Street

21 Karl Marx street

“KUPETS” draught beer
manufacture’s store

Martynova Street, 47

Vzlyetnaya Street, 24A

Norilskaya Street, 38
Lomonosova Street, 24

Lado Ketskhoveli Street, 91

Michurina street, 2

Bar "Merchant & Co"

st. Mira, 86

st. Yaryginskaya embankment, 23

st. Yaryginskaya embankment, 25

Cafe-bar "And in our yard"

Ex. Mira, 45G

"HARAT'S" bar

st. Mira, 7A

st. Metallurgov, 53G

st. Mate Zalka, 10G

st. Red Guard, 24
St. Takeoff, 6A

"Che what?"

st. Karl Marx, 95, bldg. 1

Beer King

Yaryginskaya embankment 9

Yaryginskaya embankment 13

Cafe Yaposhka

st. TV, 1 page, 90

SOHO bar

Mira 45

Cafe-Bar "Mike and Molly"

Dictatorships of the proletariat 32

Ironstone Guerrilla 32

Witcher craft bar

World 109

Eaststream Bar

Karl Marx 95

Barkhotova beach


Mira, 85

"Ivan's dish"

Molokova1 page 1

Bar "Our People"

Vodopyanova 6

Truth Cafe "

Menzhinsky 10A

Lenta hypermarket chain
Grocery stores "Krasny Yar"
Chain of stores near the house "BRISTOL"


Boutique “Kruger”

Ermakova avenue, 7


Store “Fishka”

Arkhitektorov Street, 4

Store “Khmelnoi”

Nikitina Street, 31
Kartashova Street, 35A


Beer shop “Dayte dva”

Novobulvarnaya Street, 36