Everest is a bird
that soared higher
than other birds

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Briman ale 8848

Llmited edition

limited edition of 1500 bottles 0.5 l

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The first launch was on November 22, 2017, right after six month from the successful
summit of the alpinists’ team from the Russian «7 Summits» club.

«Moving towards a goal is the goal itself»

Buddhist wisdom

Alpinism is the devotion where a man overreaches his forces, this is the drive in which one can find true happiness. The core of alpinism is the alpinism itself, it is like a dance beaded with zest for life… As if you turn into a stream, and the goal of this stream is to continue moving to the summit. And you move in order the stream keeps on going.

Essentially, attempt to climb Everest is a deeply irrational act, triumph of a dream over a common sense. Mount is self-discipline and concentration, a joy from the feeling of overcoming difficulties. This is the stance where only way towards the summit holds meaning.

Aleksandr Abramov

«Mountains is the place where Earth meets Heaven, and a human being meets God.
A man shall climb Everest when he feels that the summit is more important for him than his life.»

This unordinary in taste ale is devoted to a summit to the highest top of the world – Everest.
We brew "BRIMAN ALE 8848" with respect to the first climbers, congratulating those who
realized their dreams, and in memory of those who stayed for good on the slopes of the highest mountain. Therefore the figures in the name was not chosen by chance – for 8848 meters sharp the magnificent summit rises above the world sea.

"The roof of the world" allures alpinists and throws a death challenge to everyone who risks climbing her slopes.
This is the beverage for individualists filled with a desire "to know thyself", ready to risk the life in pursuit to realize a dream.

When you gain a bottle of "BRIMAN ALE 8848" limited edition, do not hurry to drink it.
Put it aside, for a day, for a week, for a month or maybe a year…
Choose the right moment when some inner agitation will grow to a concrete dream, a goal will be formed and taken clear shape, and you say to yourself, "I am ready, I shall do it!"
And let just you, your best friend and a bottle of mature  "BRIMAN ALE 8848" know about it.
And when the dream comes true, especially for this occasion, we will brew other 1500 bottles of "BRIMAN ALE 8848" enough for everyone, and about your personal triumph will learn all with whom you decide to share your success and dreams about new summits!

You love a silent magnificence of mountains, endless of the ocean, freshness of the wind, smell of taiga, sound of crisp snow under your feet, mysterious shadow and fluctuant air of a tropical forest or overwhelming roar of waves dashing against the cliffs?.. Then "BRIMAN ALE 8848" is obviously your beverage!

Original idea of Daniil Briman

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"BRIMAN ALE 8848" strong and dense, dark brown in colour, absorbed delicious spice-and-grass bouquet of aromas, balanced and at the same time bright.

Juniper berries give pine notes and add the nuances of savour, reminding of the smoking incense in pagodas of Tibet and Nepal.

This fresh ale has a special wealth of tastes: you will find here tones of prune, nuts and honey, feel the nice hop bitterness and enjoy with growing long and soft aftertaste.

Goji berries, known for their healing qualities, give to the ale nice acidulous taste and take us to the world of traditional medicine popular by the both sides of Himalayas.

Serving temperature for "BRIMAN ALE 8848" will depend on your choice. If you prefer cold beer, we recommend serve at 9-11 С, at this temperature you will feel soft fine aroma and taste. But only at 14-16 C the bouquet of fragrances and savours will fully open!

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Ingredients: water, pale barely malt, dark barely malt, hop Golding, Green Bullet, Dr.Rudi and Pacific Gem, beer yeast.

Original extract: 18%

Alcohol: content no less than 8,0 % by volume

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer: energetic value 72 kcal (301 kJ), carbohydrates 8,5 g

Gastronomic recommendations: overripe and flavoured cheeses, steaks, baked fat meat and stewed game, pates, Asian spicy meals, and for sophisticated food lovers – chocolate desserts, honey cake and strudel with ice-cream.

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