Beer is a beverage-legend with a world history. Craft-U-Brewery was opened in 2010 in the historical building of the oldest brewery in Siberia. Beer has been brewing here as far back as in the middle of the 19th century. Since that time the brewery went through all kinds of epochs, but the brewing traditions were kept like a good beer in an oak barrel.

Craft-U-Brewery is a modern facility equipped with the newest machinery. Our brewmasters put their heart and soul into the work skillfully combining traditions and modern technologies.

We brew the real beer the way our fathers and grandfathers knew it. There are only natural ingredients in our recipes: water, malt, hop and beer yeast. We believe that beer should be honest!

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The first mentioning of the brewery refers to May of 1875. According to statistics, in 1875 there were 2 workers. The sum of annual production was 2.500 rubles or 1.300 buckets of beer.

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Partnership approach was embedded as early as a hundred years ago.

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The best quality beer could be tested in all regions of Governorate. Various sorts of beer were brewed within the price range from 1.20 up to 3.00 rubles per bucket.

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The work at the brewery was manual and hard. The “Sibirskiye vesti” newspaper dated June 30th 1906 reported: “A worker had to stand for 10 hours by a brewing vessel on a cold floor at the temperature like in a bath-house.”

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During NEP period the “Pivovar” partnership was very lightly loaded.

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Through time, Krasnoyarsk beer and soft drinks production facility grew from a semi-artisan industry to a highly mechanized enterprise and became one of the biggest companies in Krasnoyarsk region producing beer and soft beverages.

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By 1945 the annual production of beer made up 450 thousands deciliters, and by 1975 it became 3 mln dals.

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No matter how it was called in different times: “Pivovar” partnership, “Krasnoyarsk beer and soft drinks production facility”, ‘Krasnoyarets”, “Pikra”, “Production №1” – this site kept the internal traditions of Siberian brewing. In course of 140 years time the brewery has become an integral part of Krasnoyarsk.

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In order to brew really good beer we have brought together historical traditions and new technologies. Our team is built up with  young brewers anxious for experiments and experienced masters whose recipes became legends. Galina Basalayeva, the head-brewer of Pikra, is an author of such famous sorts of beer like “Kupecheskoye”, “Voyevoda”, “Zapovednoye”. Hubert Auinger, braumaster, expert-brewer from Germany, whose opinion is valued by the best Russian and European breweries. Martin Grubesh, degreed brewer and beer sommelier from Czechia, expert on beer psychology processes.  

Our brewmasters treat their product with love. Indeed, it takes from 45 up to 90 days to prepare every sort of beer, whether it classic ale or matured porter.

The young and experienced brewers thanks to whom we can enjoy the best craft beer in the city!

We use only natural high quality selected raw materials in our recipes.

We do not aim at large outputs, we just brew the real beer.

Our brewers treat their product with love.

German approach to German equipment. With attention to every detail.

We monitor quality at every production stage.

Any monitoring demands thorough preparation.

Quality is a formula of success.

When it comes to quality we accept no compromises.


Brew the best beer in Siberia

Create the beer the Siberians can be proud of.
Please the beer connoisseurs with new tastes and impressions.
Make the global beer consumption culture richer.


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We are a team of professionals, beer enthusiasts, masters proud of the quality of their product. We respect our customers and please them with new tastes and impressions. We aim at the future and want to make the global beer consumption culture richer.