Special edition
Barrel releases
Lager & Ale
Barrel Releases
Briman Barley Wine 8848
Briman Barley Wine 8848 for two years was aging in an oak barrel, acquiring new tastes, maturing and changing
Limited beer matured in oak barrel with addition of Siberian cowberry.
Briman Kriek Cherry
The first beer in Krasnoyarsk over the past 100 years aged in oak barrels.
Barrel release Briman Red Ale Bird-cherry is a red ale with addition of aromatic harsh berries matured for half a year in an oak barrel
Briman Golden Ale Arrowwood is a golden English ale with addition of berries of Siberian arrowwood aged in a French oak barrel
Special oak release – golden English ale matured for half a year in a French oak barrel with addition of Siberian blueberry.
Golden English ale with addition of Siberian ashberry
Special edition
Briman Christmas Porter
Special Winter release. Spice porter with flavorful aroma and taste of cinnamon and dried orange peel.
Briman American Ipa 6190
In July 2019 Daniil Briman within a group of alpinists from “7 summits” club won the mountain top of Denali.
Briman Chocolate Stout 4810
Rich chocolate stout made with use of natural cacao beans from the darkest roasted malt.
Kuznetsovsky porter
Annual limited edition, starting October 8, 2018.
Cooked for the anniversary and as a sign of respect for Evgenia Kuznetsova, who returned to Krasnoyarsk taste of real beer!
Ministrell Golden Ale
Do you know how the romantic novels come to life? No? Then you should definitely taste this wonderful sort of English beer.
Black Brows
The legendary Russian Imperial Stout, cockily flaunting under the shadow of thick black eyebrows and following the strict ritual of the original brewing.
Jimmy Jimmy
Simply couple of sips of this “eye opener” awake your inner rock-and-roll!
A refreshing wheat unfiltered ale prepared in the best traditions of Belgian brewery.
Apple Cider
Natural sparkling semi-sweet Apple cider with excellent Golden color
Red Alert
Smash the boredom, monotony and the habitual taste!
Hitch Craft
If you order a mug of this beer and close your eyes, you can find yourself at the Baltic seaside and feel the breeze on your face.
Jimmy Jimmy IPA Mango
Indian Pale Ale – remarkably refreshing, light, evoking appetite. Combination of juicy mango flesh, dry hop bitterness and overwhelming sweetish aftertaste.
Lager & Ale
Briman Premium Lager
European premium lager filtered non-pasteurized
Briman Bubbly Lite
Low-calorie beer – just 43 kcal.
Briman Weissbeer Nonalcoholic
Light bright lager with a clean aroma of malt.
Kupets Svetloye
Light lager with a clean malt flavour.
Kupets Klassicheskoye
Pale lager with a complex bouquet of malt and spicy flower hop Saaz, with a rich malt taste and soft bitterness.
Kupets Yantarnoye
A golden-amber beer that has absorbed a frosty freshness of winter and a heady taste of summer
Kupets Pshenichnoye
Light-straw wheat ale with carnation flavour, notes of fruits, banana and vanilla
Dunkles Weissbier
Dark brown wheat unfiltered ale with a thick creamy foam, brewed according to traditional Bavarian recipe with top-cropping yeast.
Kupets IRISH Ale
High-density dark ale, combining strength, mild malt flavor with slightly palpable nut-cream tones and soft hop bitterness.
Kupets Krepky
High-density high-alcohol filtered lager
OK2BERFEST Munich Style Lager
Traditional seasonal beer, which we brew each year in the period of the Munich Oktoberfest in September and October, observing the canons of the law on beer purity "Reinheitsgebot".
SIBIR Signature
Light bright lager with a clean aroma of malt.
SIBIR Barstool
A light pale lager with a clean malty aroma.